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  GE Healthcare Lifesciences



Cytell Cell Imaging System

Cytell Cell Imaging System



GE Healthcare Life Sciences hat die CHROMAPHOR als Vertretung für den Vertrieb der DeltaVision OMX,  DeltaVision Elite und In Cell Analyzer in Deutschland-West (PLZ 40000-69999), Belgien, Luxembourg und den Niederlanden gewählt.


GE Healthcare Life Sciences has chosen CHROMAPHOR as their sales partner for DeltaVision OMX,  DeltaVision Elite and In Cell Analyzer  in Germany West (Postal codes 40000-69999), Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.


·      DeltaVision Elite Life Cell Imaging system

·      DeltaVision OMX  3D-SIM Super-resolution microscope

·      DeltaVision OMX SR  new compact size 3D-SIM Super-resolution microscope


·      IN Cell Analyzer 2200 Imaging System

·      IN Cell Analyzer 6000

·      Cytell Cell Imaging System


NEW in MAY 2017

IN Cell 2500HS

IN Cell 6500HS -

IN Carta image analysis software.







Results that matter!

Explore recent discoveries made in YOUR field using IN Cell Analyzer imaging systems.


Download PDF »



IN Carta image analysis software

Powerful analytics combined with an intuitive interface simplify workflows for even the most demanding applications.


Learn more »


















New light sources for your  Microscopy and Imaging needs


PhotoFluor II

stabilized Metal-Halide Lightsource




*     Alles für die mikroskopische Beobachtung lebender Zellen 

*     Delta T     offene Perfusionskammern 

*     FCS2        geschlossene Kammer invers

*     FCS3        geschlossene Kammer aufrecht

*     Objektivheizung

*     Mikro - Perfusionspumpen for Open or closed Chambers




*     ONIX Microfluidic Perfusion System

*     for Yeast and Bacteria and Mammalian cells


·     ONIX Live Cell Imaging

·     Perfusion Control System

·     Microfluidic Plates

·     FG Software

·     Request a Demo under mailto:info@chromaphor.de




Analoge CCD- und SIT-Videokameras für wissenschaftliche und industrielle Anwendungen

*     LSC-70 INFRARED Camera Röhrenkameras für den Visuellen und IR-Bereich

*     CCD-Kameras UV bis IR



LIFA  Fluorescence lifetime imaging has never been easier



*     LIFA Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

*     High-speed Intensified Camera Attachment (HiCATT)

*     High-Speed Intensified CCD-Cameras



HiCAM Fluo High Speed Fluorescence Imaging


Ludl Elektronic Products zur Automatisierung Ihres Mikroskops

*     Kreuztische/Stages

*     Filterräder, Shutter

*     Z-Focus


*     für alle handelsüblichen Mikroskope




High-Performance USB CCD- Kameras für

-       Mikroskopie Infinity Serie

-       Industrie und Wissenschaft

OEM und Kundenspezifische Lösungen

Beschreibung:  Year Warranty Logo



*     Motorische Kreuztische,

*     Z-Fokussierungen und

*     Steuereinheiten

*     manuelle Mikroskoptische

*     manuelle und motorische

*     Mikromanipulatoren


Beschreibung: R:\Marketing\marketing\Graphics\Logos\Media Logo\2015 NEW MC LOGO\Logo\MediaCy logo Medium.jpg

           From Images to Answers®






Bildanalyse Software,  Mikroskop-Automation und CCD-Kameras











AutoQuant X3 Deconvolution

now Available with GPU support



For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.



The “Number One” Image Acquisition and Image Analysis Solution now also available from CHROMAPHOR in the following countries:

·      Germany

·      Austria

·      Belgium

·      The Netherlands

·      Luxemburg

·      Czech Republic

·      Poland

·       Hungary


Please call for a demo, price information, hardware compatibility and support


use the following links:*

·      Meta Imaging Series

·      Application Modules



For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

 Beschreibung: http://www.moleculardevices.com/sites/default/files/styles/product_small_thumbnail/public/MetaMorph-fam-pg-144x144.png?itok=GjKCLHEK

MetaMorph Microscopy Automation and Image Analysis Software

Sophisticated image acquisition and analysis

Beschreibung: http://www.moleculardevices.com/sites/default/files/styles/product_small_thumbnail/public/MetaFluor-fam-pg-144x144.png?itok=chDR_QcI

MetaFluor Fluorescence Ratio Imaging Software

Intracellular ion measurements for fluorescence ratio imaging

Beschreibung: http://www.moleculardevices.com/sites/default/files/styles/product_small_thumbnail/public/MetaVue-fam-pg-144x144.png?itok=UBNh19pb

MetaVue Research Imaging System

Cost-effective image analysis package for basic microscopy research


Example - MouseExample - Mouse Foetus


ToolsExample - Eye

Specialist for automation controllers, high-speed mosaic imaging solutions, and advanced software tools, for >Imaging and Microscopy.


OASIS blue, neue 4-Achsen-PCI Steuerung für

X-Y Tische, Z-Fokusmotoren, Filterräder und shutter inkl. Treiber für Image-Pro Plus von Media Cybernetics

SURVEYOR Mosaic Scan

*     TurboScan PCI Interface für die Ansteuerung von Mikroskopkreuztisch, Fokus, Shutter und Filterrad



CCD- and sCMOS Cameras


New Software   Beschreibung: cular Software









  • EMCCD Cameras
    The Evolve, QuantEM and Cascade cameras from Photometrics are some of the most sophisticated in the industry.
  • CCD Cameras
    The CoolSNAP cameras from Photometrics are designed to support a variety of applications that have specific and unique project requirements.
  • Multichannel Imaging Systems
    Photometrics offers Dual View and Quad View Simultaneous Imaging Systems.
  • Collimating Adapter
    This optical accessory is available as an add-on component for your imaging system.  






The best Choice for Ultra Fast Ratio-Imaging esp. for








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Molecular Devices





Applied Precision DeltaVision Elite DeltaVision RT

GE Healthcare IN Cell Analyzer 6000  

IN Cell Analyzer 2000

CellASIC Onix

Life Sciences

Image-Pro Plus Schulung Training customer training
Trainingskurs Image-Pro




Roper Scientific Evolve Cascade HQ2

In-Vivo in vivo in vitro